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Supporting our local high streets with the help of AI and social media.

A win-win-win for estate and letting agents?

From a nation of shop keepers to a nation of shoppers, our high streets have always been far more than just a collection of shops and businesses. They are the lifeblood of communities, reflecting their identity, diversity, and vitality. From independent coffee shops and restaurants to family-owned boutiques, these businesses provide more than just goods and services. They foster a sense of belonging and pride within the town and provide social interaction to the benefit of our health and wellbeing.

#shoplocal campaigns also rightly highlight the environmental benefits of buying from local businesses. Sourcing goods locally not only contributes to the economic prosperity of a community but can also result in lower transportation mileage and a reduced carbon footprint.

However, in recent years, our high streets have faced unprecedented challenges, from the rise of online shopping to economic downturns exacerbated by global events. Yet, despite these hurdles, our high streets remain integral to the UK psyche.

How can agents help ?

As part of the fabric of the high street and as intermediaries between prospective residents and their future homes, estate and letting agents occupy a unique position in the local community having a vested interest in supporting and showcasing the best aspects of the town or city that they serve.

Whether through social media campaigns, community events, or collaborations with local businesses, agents can spotlight the unique charm and character of their local town and high street.

By investing in the promotion and preservation of their high street, agents are not only supporting local communities but also enhancing the value proposition of the properties they represent, building goodwill for their business and highlighting their green credentials.

Standing out from the competition

However, despite the commercial and social benefits of being a high street champion, very few agents manage to undertake this successfully. It takes time to develop local connections, create content and implement a consistent strategy which provides long term benefits. Local campaigns start with the best intentions but are often fleeting and are soon, understandably, overtaken by the more pressing priorities of property transactions.

How can we help?

As is so often the case, technology may be able to help.

By integrating our system with the “Love My Town” high street portals, agents can now leverage AI to create social media posts that promote their local high street in a couple of clicks.

With the demands on our time increasing by the day, we hope that by putting the objective of “championing the high street” almost on autopilot with the help of AI and social media, a fleeting #shoplocal campaign will become a long term strategic objective that builds goodwill for the agent, increases footfall to the high street and goes in some small way to help save our planet. 

Definitely a win-win-win !

Please find below a 5 minute demonstration of the postWizard and Love My Town system.

Could a high street portal be on benefit to your town ?

If you would like find out more and discuss the possibility of becoming the launch partner for your town, a 15 minute demonstration via Zoom can be booked via our Calendly link below.

Or if you have any questions please just get in touch as required on 01636 555 800 or via

Thank you for your time!

Mitchel Annable
Love My Town Group

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